There's more sights to behold!



There's more sights to behold!

Flair Fair has other attractions for visitors!
Below are other events happenings for the Holiday Bazaar.

Anti-Mall Shop Small Market

We've teamed up with the nearby Anti-Mall vendor market to make sure both are happening on the same day! The best part is—both markets are within walking distance from each other. Now you have 2 reasons, and double the variety to shop from.

Tree Lighting Ceremony

Every winter, the local neighborhood association (WVRA) holds a tree lighting ceremony that all the locals come out to. Right after Flair Fair concludes the ceremony will take place at the Blake/Whalley parking lot and usually involves music, hot drinks, and food.

Yummy Grub

During the event there will be a food truck parked in the area, plus numerous eateries, to fill your belly!


Lyric Hall will be serving beer, wine, and soda on-site for you to enjoy while perusing the vendors.

Vintage Pop-Up Shop

Besides local makers, we'll be offering a vintage clothing + accessories vendor! The focus will be on seasonal items and carefully-picked jackets, bags, and more that you can add your all your new flair to.

Westville Village

Our venue is in historic Westville Village known for its brunch spots, local businesses, public art, and more. Take a gander what the area has to offer and walk around. The day of Flair Fair there will be gallery openings, open studios, and more.